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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mission 39

"Lady Smoke"

Here is a picture I wanted to work on but never got a chance to until now. I hope you like it. Thank you  Goddess!

Mission 38

"Love's Explosion"

This is an image I felt was good enough for about anything so I took it into photoshop and did a photoshop tutorial from . This took me most of the day to do and consisted  of 42 different layers in Photoshop CS6. Here it is. Thank you Zach and Chelsie.

Mission 37

So its been quite a while since i've posted anything on this site, but things have changed now and I should be adding stuff now. Anyways, I finally graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Photography. Here is my last artistic nude shoot I did before I finished school. I had help with this from Kyra, Mike, and Ashley. Thank you guys very much. And to the models, thank you and you were both fantastic and were easy to work with.