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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mission 46

So this was a shoot over a shoot. My friend Alex Mitroff found this location while him and I were location scouting and decided we'ed do a shoot here. The shoot he did was of two people in a wedding dress and suit during the sunrise. My shoot was just one person in a purple dress. I had Alex, Jesse, and Corissa help me do my shot. Alex was my speed light holder and Jesse and Corissa were my reflector/ wind blower assistants. My model was Jessie Lawyer. Although I may not have actually got the sunrise, I still got a shot worth looking at. I did some photoshop work on these to enhance the colors and put in my own fake sunrise. But thats kind what it looked like just a few minutes before I was actually able to shoot. So I would just like to throw out thanks to everyone who came along and helped during such early times. You all rock!!

 P.S.: I also added in a special photo at the end to show you the starting image I was working with. Enjoy!!