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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mission 25

      With this shoot I wanted to be a little more creative using my lights. I took two strobes and placed a red (or pink and orange) gel over one of them and a blue (or two light blues and a medium blue) gel over the other one. I placed the lights behind the model on either side of her and just had her turn and step around to get the light just right. I would like to thank Carly and Ashley for your help.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mission 24

      This photoshoot took me hours to set up and shoot and edit. All together there are 8 images in this pic. I composted them using Photoshop and then I color corrected it and cropped it in Lightroom 3. I feel slightly bad because i found out the hard way that rubber cement is not good for the skin. We read the warning on the bottle and it just said that do not eat. So we put it on 2 of the models and it started to burn them. We then checked on the internet about it and it then said that do not put on skin, may cause burning and itching and may cause scaring. So we washed it off as fast as we could. Now one of the models has burn marks on their face... I am soooo sorry.!!! But on a better note, we created an A-mazing picture. I only used a Q-flash to light it all and we shot it in the middle of the night. so I had to shoot each person and background separately. I would like to Thank all my models for being cooperative and helpful. Thank you Carly, Ashley, Audree, and Anu!! You all rock!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mission 23

This shoot was amazing!!! We had created the dress out of scratch. The funny thing was that none of us are fashion students and we made an outstanding dress that made people howl and cheer for us. The shoot is for my Portfolio Exploration class. I used only a reflector and the new Canon 60D camera. I would like to thank the model for being soooo patient, understanding and willingness to help me out. I would also like to thank all the people who helped make and assist me on this shoot. So, Thank you Carly, Ashley, Jamie, Ashley, Lauren and Ashly. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mission 22

      What I think is really A-mazing about these two images is the fact that they are not shot on a location. They are all made up. I had to shoot these from my Advanced Studio class in a small studio room. We built two walls that are to represent a barn look, then we (my entire class) were told to make up stuff that would be seen in this type of setting. Everyone either shot alcohol and cowboys. I was the only one to see beyond what it could have been. My first image is titled "Abduction" and my second image is titled "The Blacksmith". I know, not very creative naming but hey, im just glad i got these A-mazing images. I would like to thank Eddie, Tip, Ashley, and especially Carly for all their hard work, participation, and help. Without all of you, this would not have been possible.