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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mission 33


       Six strangers all receive a letter formally inviting them to Blackthorn Manor where they are told that someone will reveal something of interest to all of them. Upon receiving the letters they all set out to discover what is in store for them. One by one: the rich widow, the military man, the punk, the hooker, the librarian, and the scientist are greeted by Nathaniel, the Blackthorn Manor butler, as they arrive to the mansion.
       Nathaniel informs them that their true identities will be kept secret and a false name will take its place. He tells them all their aliases: Mrs. White, Colonel Mustard, Mr Green, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, and Professor Plum.

        As the last of the six strangers arrive, Nathaniel guides them to the dining room where they are served dinner and then are finally told the reasons for their being there. It all comes own to a simple murder, one that they all had part in yet didn’t know that the others had a hand in it and someone is there to blackmail them. This individual is among one of the six.
        Shortly after dinner, they are all led to the lounge where the butler has been instructed to give them each a package revealing six lethal weapons, (a gun, a cable cord, a kitchen knife, a candlestick, a lead pipe, and a wrench) which is propositioning them to kill one another so that no one will have the chance to blackmail.

         Suddenly as everyone stands around contemplating their next action, the lights go out. There are sudden screams, a hard thud, and a gunshot before the lights come back on. As everyone stands and surveys the area they come to find that the Blackthorn Manor Nathaniel is dead on the floor before them. They don’t know what had killed him or who had done it.
         In mass confusion and panic, the six strangers become defensive and start blaming one another. As each one denies it, they begin to grow suspicious of everyone around them. Who did it, who was this murderer, and with what?

             Find out who did it and with what weapon by playing the game, Clue.

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