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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mission 24

      This photoshoot took me hours to set up and shoot and edit. All together there are 8 images in this pic. I composted them using Photoshop and then I color corrected it and cropped it in Lightroom 3. I feel slightly bad because i found out the hard way that rubber cement is not good for the skin. We read the warning on the bottle and it just said that do not eat. So we put it on 2 of the models and it started to burn them. We then checked on the internet about it and it then said that do not put on skin, may cause burning and itching and may cause scaring. So we washed it off as fast as we could. Now one of the models has burn marks on their face... I am soooo sorry.!!! But on a better note, we created an A-mazing picture. I only used a Q-flash to light it all and we shot it in the middle of the night. so I had to shoot each person and background separately. I would like to Thank all my models for being cooperative and helpful. Thank you Carly, Ashley, Audree, and Anu!! You all rock!!

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